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After moving into my fifth floor flat overlooking different streets from more than one façade, i realised that it was encouraging me to keep a visual record. During this journey "between windows" inspired by Voyage Around My Room*, i tried to experience my city with an open mind, as if i were seeing it for the first time.

Beril Gür

This series of photographs tracking different hours of the day, seasons and sounds turns the voyeuristic qualities of photography inside out by observing the street and public domain from the perspective of a private domain. Inspired by the book written by Xavier de Maistre about a "voyage" he took between pieces of furniture in his home during a forty-two day sentence of hpuse arrest, this series appropriates existing architectural elements and the flat's bird's eye view to create its visual language. Through the observations she makes from the privacy of her home, Beril Gür assumes the role of narrower while expressing the ordinary, and just as often absurd, flow of everyday life around her.

*Xavier de Maistre, Voyage Autour de ma Chambre (Voyage Around My Room), 1794.